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Warehouse Picker


A Picker selects merchandise from shelves and prepares items for shipping. Pickers are found in warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities. Also known as Picker Packer, Order Picker or Warehouse Picker. Energetic Picker to assist you in preparing orders for shipping. The Picker will utilize requisitions and order sheets to pick a wide variety of items, place and arrange items in containers and bins following specific instructions, and arrange containers on pallets.


The Picker will check containers for damage, and confirm correct items and quantities are selected. And perform duties in accordance with standard operating instructions, and ensure inbound and outbound shipments are correct and defect-free. Pickers will operate a forklift, maintain equipment and perform basic maintenance, conduct physical inventories and report quality variances.


Ensure success in this position to perform to a high level of accuracy. Picking orders as requested by management. Sealing and tagging containers, confirming accuracy of orders and signing pick tickets to confirm. Ensuring correct shipping information is attached and moving completed orders to shipping area.

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